10 Helpful Hints for Carers: practical solutions for carers living with people with dementia

Professor June Andrews and Professor Allan House, 2015

10 Helpful Hints for Carers is an easy-to-read guide for carers living with people with dementia. It provides simple, practical solutions to the everyday problems family carers can face when looking after a person with dementia. Covering areas like how to cope with aggression, creating relaxing environments, 'wandering', sleeplessness and how to cope with dementia and depression, it is a mine of information and good advice.

I have been caring for my father who has Alzheimers for over three years. This book is by far the most helpful book I have come across.

I was particularly impressed by its simple but extremely practical advice that I could see would work. The detailed examples of situations were incredibly helpful. I only wish I had lighted on this book before as now my father has progressed to the later stages of this disease. My husband, who is a General Practitioner, also held the same views as myself regarding the book and commented that this booklet would be ideal for helping those who were starting to care for those with dementia.
Feedback from a family carer

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