10 Helpful hints on heating and lighting for people with dementia and their carers

This guide is packed with practical advice on how to make sure your home is warm and well lit. It has been written to support people with dementia, but much of the advice is relevant to people of all ages.

People with dementia may be particularly vulnerable because they don’t get access to good advice on how to manage their heating and lighting efficiently. Lots of help is available and this book explains what you need to know and where to go for further help and advice.

There are sections on:

  • getting help from your energy supplier
  • understanding the challenges people with dementia face
  • making small changes that will keep your bills down
  • ways of making sure people with dementia have enough light to be safe and comfortable
  • things you can do to help the person stay comfortable, without being too hot or too cold
  • a list of organisations that you can contact for more help


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