Improving the design of housing to assist people with dementia

Dementia Services Development Centre, 2013

This book is one of a series to raise awareness of dementia design issues and improve the design of buildings used by people with dementia. It explains why environmental design is so important for people with dementia and goes on to describe the design features that follow from this. It describes modifications that are recommended within individual houses and flats, along with those that are helpful in communal internal spaces within specialist care housing units. There is also a section on designing outside spaces.

Most of the recommendations do not involve additional cost - just a little forethought during the planning, refurbishment or redevelopment of accommodation. The guidance is relevant to anyone working the the field of housing, especially those with tenants aged over 65. However, since there is a significant minority of younger people with dementia, the recommendations will benefit this group too.

This publication has been made possible through support from the Joint Improvement Team as part of a wider project on housing and dementia which includes CIH Scotland.


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